Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Girl #2

On to birthday girl #2. Sophie will be turning 3 on Saturday. The kids have requested camping to try out our new fancy tent so we will be camping on her birthday. My little Soaps is so much fun. She is the climber of the family and loves to get right in with her big brother and sister with whatever they are doing. She still loves to be my little girl and likes to snuggle and endures my many kisses and hugs. Her favorite things are dogs and riding in the bike trailer. She loves to get out and do things. I am so glad she is my baby and she is still small enough to curl up in my arms. I love my baby and hope she has a happy day!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! YES, I made this one!! :o)

Have fun camping! And I remember this picture too. So when does the new baby get here, you know since they are all growing up? :o)