Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handsome Boy

Here is Bradyn's 2nd grade school picture. Isn't he handsome

Word Girl or Princess Leia

(notice the erased me with arrow above Han)

For those of you who were unaware, which would be most, Bradyn had a thing for Word Girl. She is a cartoon character and so I was not terribly concerned. I recently saw some artwork of his which tells a different story. Refer to exhibit A. This is a picture of him as Han Solo wearing a tux, holding Princess Leia's hand. I was enjoying his exciting story when I asked him what the stuff on Han's face was. He said it was kisses from Leia. I was sort of amused, but surprised. I asked if Word Girl was out the door and he said, yes. He has an old school Star Wars pillow that he got from his Grandma May, thanks to her keen thrift shopping abilities. He then told me that he likes to kiss her on his pillow at night. Exhibit B. I much preferred Word Girl. She is a cartoon and loves words and there definitions thus being a helpful learning tool as well, as apposed to an anatomically correct woman who disregards wearing supporting undergarments i.e. white dress, she wears them far too openly as Slave Leia. So I am at a new curve. It was strange when I realized I would miss a cartoon character. With her cute little red outfit and cape and her catch phrase "Word up". Why pick the slutty one, when you can feel educated (intellectually)with the other. So this is the curve in the road of life I am at. Allowing your little boy to choose who he has a crush on.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here we all are at trunk or treat. It was gorgeous weather. No jackets needed. It has been snowy the past few years and I hate it when it is cold. True Fall.
Can't figure out why this is coming up sideways. I made this cupcake cake for the Halloween party at G&G Bath's house. I thought it turned out quite cute if I do say so myself.
Here are the girls at Franklin Covey ready for the hand outs.

I know I really get into the part. I attempted a gypsie, but a few times was thought to be a pirate. What would your vote be? Hey mom do you remember this skirt? I bought some accesories to finish it off and voila.

Leena wanted to be Mulan and I had this outfit that my mom bought in China Town, SF when Bradyn was a baby. I painted her face and made it work. She would ask me every few minutes
if she still had paint on and if I needed to reapply. She gets into her part as well.I know it isn't what Mulan really wore, but Leena was satisfied and it was very little work on my part. Justin thought she looked a little like a mime. I can see it too, but a darn cute Mulan mime.
Sophie was a recycled Cinderella. I made this for Leena when she was two. She was just excited to be wearing makeup too.

Bradyn is an Indy fan. He told me today that he was thinking of having his wife work so he could stay home and have fun with the kids, but thought about it longer and changed his mind. He said he didn't want to be home with all the poop and throw-up. (Come on Bradyn that is the best part.) So he said that he could work, but that didn't sound fun. So he said he though about it some more and thought that he could go exploring and teach like Indy and was pleased with that decision. Oh to be a kid again.

Out trick-or-treating. We only hit a few houses since they had way more than enough candy from Franklin's and trunk or treat. The reason you don't see Sophie is because I am helping her hold her bag. Sophie din't quite get the jist of it at first. She kept wanting to give candy to the people at the door.