Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bradyn's Big Day

So I have been lax in my family blog, but I don't think many are disappointed. But I try to look at this as a sort of family journal. So today we are highlighting my big boy. He is such a funny kid. I love him and can't imagine not being able to hear his crazy stories, his forever present noises or humming, and his adorable scrunched up smile. He is amazing at anything he puts his mind to. I am always awed at what his mind conjures up. He is fun, cuddly, and is very stubborn. The following story illustrates this.

So anyways, Bradyn turned the big 8 in August and was baptized in September. He was very excited and couldn't wait. The big day came and we were all trying to get ready to head over to the church. He had asked if he could take his camera and he was told no, because it could be a distraction. That is when the sobbing and wailing started. He proceeded to cry and say he didn't want to be baptized.!?!?!?!?! My heart sunk. Of course you want them to make their own choice, but at this point I was fine with him being dunked under the water unwillingly. We had people already at the church and others who had come a long way to see him. I thought maybe everyone will interpret his stubbornness as being "moved by the spirit".I was justifying it in my mind, saying he would want it in the end, or he will come to his senses, but I was not comforted. I did the smart thing and prayed as I watched Justin drive him to the church crying. To my relief when I got there he was smiling and eager with his tear stained face. I guess his baptism will be that much more memorable for me. In the end he had a great day and hopefully he will understand why we didn't give in to his demands.

Since I am highlighting Bradyn, another story happened on a Sunday in sacrament. Two weeks ago we were sitting in sacrament listening to the speakers and there was one person who had been talking for a while and she finally closed her talk and sat down. Bradyn, in the pause between speakers, said, "FINALLY". People across the isle and an isle up turned and laughed. So I'm sure that all ears in a few feet radius of us heard, but composed themselves. The lady who laughed continued giggling throughout the rest of sacrament. I thought it was rather funny because he expressed just what I was feeling as well.

Here is another gem.....We were sitting and watching conference and I had called all the kids to come sit and at least be still to listen to the Prophet. After he spoke he looked at me and with watery eyes said that he doesn't know why but his eyes started watering and he felt like he was going to cry. My heart jumped with excitement to be able to point out that it was the spirit he was feeling and help him to recognize that. It was such a sweet little moment with him and I was so proud that he felt to talk about it. Then he continued talking......... He proceeded to say that some thought just came out of space and popped in his head (he explained this a couple of times with hand gestures). I then asked him what thought was this. He said that this thought that was flying down from space and landed in his head was the thought that what if someone hurt the Prophet? He was more descriptive, but I couldn't type it. I was horrified that such a sweet little moment could be crushed by this horrid thought flying out of space into his big head (note of sarcasm). I told him that there are people out there that want to do bad things to people, but to try and not let those thoughts come into our head. That he needed to control his thoughts and think happier things. Please tell me this is a normal boy thing. Feel free to leave any stories of your own. I need consoling.

So this is some good times that my dear boy has blessed us with. I love him with all my heart and am excited to see him grow. I just hope I steer him in the right direction. It is horrible, I know, but this is the only picture I took of the day. Pathetic........I may just have to start hiring a photographer on these occasions so I can enjoy the day and let someone else document it. Shoemakers children go shoeless........I understand that quote now.

Love you Bradyn


Vanessa said...

Congrats Bradyn! Sounds like a great day!

(PS, We were probably in SLC on that same day for my nieces baptism. If I would have known, I would have stopped by :)

SamandJasonfamily said...

We love Bradyn! You guys are such a cute family and we have enjoyed getting to know you. P.S. Thanks for taking Tyson on a bike ride tonite. I'm sure he had a blast!